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Established in 2001, the College of Commercial Arbitrators is a national organization of commercial arbitrators providing a meaningful contribution to the profession, the public and to the businesses and lawyers who depend on commercial arbitration as a primary means of dispute resolution.

The College of Commercial Arbitrators promotes the highest standards of conduct, professionalism and ethical practice, develops “best practices,” provides peer training and professional development and offers effective means to identify elite arbitrators with professional training and experience to handle complex arbitration matters. 

The College of Commercial Arbitrators provides interaction and communication in the profession, and offers an easy means to identify those individuals whose professional training and experience qualify them to undertake the most complex and difficult arbitration assignments.

College of Commercial Arbitrators’ Diversity Policy

The College of Commercial Arbitrators endeavors to raise awareness and understanding among our Fellows of the critical importance of diversity within the College and among commercial arbitrators in general. The College of Commercial Arbitrators believes in equal opportunities for all, regardless of color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or any other legally protected classification. The College will work to enhance participation, inclusion and leadership opportunities for arbitrators with diverse backgrounds in the College and its programs, committees and initiatives. The College of Commercial Arbitrators strongly encourages its Fellows to identify and nominate qualified arbitrators to become Fellows of the College. In 2012, the College of Commercial Arbitrators established an Outreach Committee whose sole purpose is to achieve greater diversity among its members.

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